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A question ? Your turn !

A question ? Your turn ! A question ? Your turn !

What does the 15-year commercial guarantee cover?

All our mattresses have a 15-year guarantee, which is the recommended lifespan of a mattress.

The mattress comes with a commercial compliance guarantee for 15 years as of the date of purchase on hypnia.co.uk

The guarantee covers manufacturing and structural defects, and physical changes in which the indentation exceeds 10% of the initial depth of the mattress. It is clear that this only applies in accordance with normal use of the product. The guarantee does not cover any increase or decrease in thickness or any other form of change in the mattress as a result of natural wear and tear. However, it does cover abnormal sagging or premature distortion.

To take advantage of the guarantee, you must provide the receipt for the mattress. For more information, please send photographs of the defect by email to contact@hypnia.co.uk.

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