A question ? Your turn ! A question ? Your turn !

A question ? Your turn !

A question ? Your turn ! A question ? Your turn !

Why is my mattress vacuum-packed in a box?

Our mattresses are delivered in a box - the original bed-in-a-box concept. They are all rolled and vacuum-packed using ingenious technology. Your mattress will return to its original shape when you pierce the plastic once it is in place. In a few hours, your mattress will regain its full thickness and be ready to be enjoyed after 24 hours. 

Hypnia was the first French brand to introduce the bed-in-a-box concept in France in 2013. As well as being eco-friendly, this delivery system lets customers receive a much smaller package which fits easily through doorways. More convenient to move and install.

To summarise, we have chosen to package the mattresses partially compressed and rolled up for multiple reasons:

  • For practical reasons: it will be easier for you to organise receiving your mattress if it is in a box. As it is less bulky, it fits easily up the stairwell, in the lift or even in your  car if you select delivery to a collection point.
  • For quality reasons: this packaging technique retains all the component properties of the mattress during transport.
  • For the price: since the mattress takes up less space, the storage and delivery prices are lower. And that allows us to offer you such low prices! 


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