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A question ? Your turn !

A question ? Your turn ! A question ? Your turn !

How do I look after my mattress?

Take care of your mattress by ventilating the room

A healthy bedroom is a room that you ventilate regularly. A good habit to get into is opening the window every morning for a little while when you wake up, summer and winter alike, to get some fresh air in. It is beneficial in all senses, from avoiding catching a winter virus to keeping the risk of dust and dust mite allergies at bay. When it comes to mattresses, it may be best to wait a little while before making the bed so that your mattress can “breathe” and benefit from the air flow in the room. In spring, when your heating is turned off, you can even leave the window open all day for maximum ventilation. Simply opening the window will also reduce the risk of mould in the bedroom; that’s another important bonus. Looking after your mattress is largely connected to looking after your bedroom. Note that this is particularly applicable if you share your bedroom with a pet.

Take care of your mattress by hoovering it well

Although ventilating your bedroom is important, taking care of your bed base is just as important. The mattress sits on top of the bed base and they become a “team”, working together to offer the best support possible. To take care of your bed base, think about trying to ventilate it well once a month. Take off the mattress and open the windows. Giving it a good hoover is also a game changer for getting rid of dust and preventing dust mites from multiplying. And besides all the other benefits, it is also important for taking care of your mattress. A quick hoovering will get rid of accumulated dust.

Mattress maintenance: change the sheets regularly

The condition of the mattress also depends on the condition of the sheets. Keeping your bed fresh also involves changing the sheets, whether you use a duvet or not, around once a fortnight. There are a few factors that can affect this timeframe, such as whether you prefer to shower in the morning or the evening. In any case, keeping your bedding clean means changing the sheets regularly. That includes the fitted sheet, as it is the final barrier, alongside the mattress protector, for protecting your mattress. We talk more about that in the following point… 

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